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Plane Flight

Melb - Syd - LAX

What a journey!

The last time we came to the US we could not sleep on the plane so we thought okay, let’s stay up all day Saturday and Sunday morning so we are super sleepy. And with our magic sleeping tablets that will get us thru to the US.

Well at midnight on Saturday we hit the wall. So we decided 3.5 hours should be okay. Off we went and at 4.04am the alarm went off!! OMG we didn’t feel the best but we knew 43 days overseas was coming so lets get up.

A quick cuppa and piece of toast, and bang on 5am the taxi arrived. Smooth ride it was and good cab driver too!

The airport was packed! The Virgin terminal was overloaded with excited tourists but sleepy ones too! Plus looking down towards International it was overloaded as well. Checked our bags in by Justin (the same guy we had when we missed our flight connecting flight to Hamilton Island, oh no!) Grabbed a quick coffee and waited for our boarding time of 6.45am.

Finally we got on the plane and Jo was luckily enough to sit in middle of the 3 seats to someone who had to name everyone in the world except Barrack Obama and The Pope! And this was only flying to Sydney. Once arriving in Sydney we had to head to Gate 37 and get on a bus hat would take us to the International Terminal. The bus trip went for so long i thought we in Brisbane.

Checked in for the flight to LA. No time for hard core duty free shopping, shattered! Though we did find 2 small travel pillows and a tube of Vegemite :-) Through the crowds we walked to Gate 60. Standing around for 35 minutes i realised we could have done some shopping. Boo! At last they were boarding the plane.

Our seats were good. Pillows, blankets and your own personal TV with remote. Once the cabin crew closed the doors you could start watching movies. I selected Secriatart ( I have only seen this about 10 times but gotta love this horse). Jo watched Black Swan. During the movie the Lunch arrived. Saffron chicken was the go for both of us and it was very good. Now it was time for sleeping tablets! Then the major turbulence - good timing just after everyone had eaten. Even the Cabin crew had to sit in their seats for about the next 30 minutes - but it was all part of the experience.

After another movie ("Yes man") and a few songs I asked Jo for another sleeping tablet. Because it felt like we had been in the air for so long, the next perfect movie was 127 hours and Monsters INC, while Jo watched Hereafter. For those that couldn't sleep (which appeared to be most of economy) the cabin crew bought out chicken sandwiches. Then were pretty good, and before we knew it breakfast was coming out, pancakes for me, and Jo chose the fritata with Mushrooms.

Anyway enough about the flight - we touched down in LA, and after taxiing to the terminal we headed for security. The queue was about a mile long, then after being questioned about our intentions on entering the country, being fingerprinted and photographed - we were free to collect our luggage, which was waiting for us. A nice smile to the customs guy named Johnson, we were free to enter the land of the free.

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